Nick Aldis

3-Time World Champion, TV personality, Columnist and Author.


"Thank you! I've been eating fruit and so far so good. No cokes of any kind for 2 weeks. Water only!!!!

Keep up the great work. Proud of you for wanting to help others.


"Very understandable, and I am truly thankful! Sure will be looking forward to more of the newsletters!



"Hi Nick,
Just wanted to share my experience after reading your fantastic book. As I read this there were things in the book that open my eyes and made me look at things in a totally different light. I mean I never thought of drinking Green Tea for example before reading your book or some of the foods that I've tried. I just want to thank you for writing this book and thanks for the advice in it. 

Wonderful Job, 
Joe Sondag"

"It was concise, interesting and motivating. The info about supplements was particularly useful - in fact, I'll probably re-read the Eat and Live sections quite a lot (not that the Train section wasn't good!) It was good to include a section on sleep. I think, I've forgotten what sleep is. Overall, as I'm starting back at the gym, it was exactly the kind of discussion and focussed information I needed. It wasn't at all preachy or 'salesy', and didn't promise me 'fast abs with one killer move!' which often turns me off fitness writing. I was at the show you talk about at the start, so that was fun to read about! Anyway, thanks for writing it and keep it up" - John Gandy, UK